A Chance at Redemption

Ross Mayfield has done the heavy lifting of reviving the speed-deleted (ow!) Wikipedia entry on ‘Enterprise 2.0.’  This provides us an opportunity to get it right and re-post it, or perhaps ask that it be submitted to a vote.

As we work on this, we’d do well to keep in mind the reasons that it was deleted.  They include the fact that Enterprise 2.0 is a neologism, and Wikipedia’s guidelines say that entries about neologisms must be more than just definitions, and must not consist of original research.  The guidelines are pretty adamant on the latter point; given the volume of print and online material on Enterprise 2.0, we clearly don’t need to do any original research.

The other objection mentioned during the deletion process has to do with the noteworthiness or notability of the term.  I find this confusing, because I’ve never understood Wikipedia to have such a criteria for inclusion.  The closest I can find is this excerpt from the list of what Wikipedia is not, and I think we avoid all of these easily.

So what should an encyclopedia entry on Enterprise 2.0 consist of?  Here’s my proposed outline, which I promise to work on sometime soon.

List of proposed E2.0 technologies
E2.0 and the concept of emergence
    Claims made for the difference between E2.0 techs and previous techs used for collaboration w/in companies
Evidence of E2.0 in practice
    Is E2.0 about architecture (SOA, SaaS, etc.) or communities / users
External references

This is, of course, just a suggestion.  But let’s get this done and accepted by Wikipedia one way or another so that we and others can then use it.