Calling All Case Studies

We Enterprise Irregulars have been talking in our online forum about the paucity of Enterprise 2.0 case studies —  examples of companies that have deployed behind the firewall some of the new collaboration/social technologies and philosophies that have proved so powerful on the Web.  I was about to cite DrKW, but the community essentially said "Yeah, we know that one.  What else is out there?"

It’s a good and important question.  At some point we have to move past saying "These new tools are going to make a difference" and start saying "Here’s how these new tools have been making a difference."

I’m working on a couple interesting case studies at present, and will share findings once they’re finished.  In the meantime, we would love to hear from you.

What’s the track record to date?  Who’s had experience with the Enterprise 2.0 toolkit —  wikis, blogs, tagging infrastructures, RSS feeds, prediction markets, etc. —  and what has that experience been?  

How long have the technologies been in place?  What have been the adoption and use patterns?  Did Enterprise 2.0 take off immediately and spread like wildfire, did it go nowhere fast, or did something in between happen?  

Has the experience been positive and have participants ‘played nice’ with each other, or have there been instances of vandalism, trolling, flaming, etc.?  Have there been any security problems or breaches?  Have there been any unintended consequences, whether positive or negative?

What kind of organizations have been deploying these tools?  Big or small?  For-profit or not?  Geek-heavy or not?  In what industries?

Have the installations been done with the awareness and blessing of senior management and/or the IT department, or have they been stealthy?

And what have been the results?  What, if anything, can you take to a hardheaded pragmatist to demonstrate the value of the new tools?

We’re eager to hear as much of the story as you’re able to tell, at any level of disclosure or anonymity.  Please tell us via a comment here or an email to me.  I’ll treat emails as confidential unless you specify otherwise.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you…