Hot off the Presses

I have an article in the current (November) issue of Harvard Business Review intended to help non-technologist managers make sense of the huge range of available applications and also to clarify their roles in IT efforts.  The full text of the article is available online for the month of November, and reprints can be ordered here.  

The editors at HBR did a great job pulling quotes from the article to summarize its points, so let me just reproduce them here:

Executives need to stop looking at IT projects as technology installations and start looking at them as periods of organizational change that they have a responsibility to manage.

Classifying IT into three types can help leaders understand which technologies they must invest in as well as what they should do to maximize returns.

Once the company’s business needs are clear, the technologies it requires will come into focus.

The biggest mistake business leaders make is to underestimate resistance when they impose changes in the ways people work.

    Please do check out the article and let me know what you think, either with a comment here or an email.