The Person of the Year at Work

You’ve probably heard by now that Time has declared "You" to be the Person of the Year, due entirely to Web 2.0.  The introduction to the cover story makes some interesting points:

"Sure, it’s a mistake to romanticize all this any more than is strictly necessary. Web 2.0 harnesses the stupidity of crowds as well as its wisdom…  But that’s what makes all this interesting. Web 2.0 is a massive social experiment, and like any experiment worth trying, it could fail. There’s no road map… But 2006 gave us some ideas.  Go on. Tell us you’re not just a little bit curious."

The article doesn’t mention Enterprise 2.0 —  the application of Web 2.0 tools, approaches, and philosophies within organizations, but the quotes above are as relevant for the Intranet as for the Internet. 

If you’re a business leader and you’re not just a little bit curious about Enterprise 2.0, why not?  Do you not want your organization to become any more lateralized, searchable, multi-voiced or self-organizing?  Do technologies that help put into practice managerial philosophies other than command-and-control make you uncomfortable?

Or are you completely happy with how people in your company intersect and interact?  Do they have all the tools they need to do so?

Or do you think that Enterprise 2.0 technologies are currently too insecure, unstable, expensive, hard to install, and/or hard to use to be worth the bother?

Or do you think that there’s really nothing new under the sun?  Are you so tired of IT hype that you’ve simply stopped listening? 

That, I think, would be a serious mistake.