FastForward to February in San Diego

I’ll be speaking at the FastForward conference, which takes place in San Diego from February 7-9.  It’s sponsored by the enterprise search company FAST, and bills itself as "The Business and Technology Conference for Innovate, Search-powered Enterprise 2.0 Applications."  It was not hard to convince me to leave New England for Southern California in February, but I’m looking forward to it for reasons beyond the weather.  For one thing, the speakers include Tim O’Reilly, Chris Anderson, John Batelle, Ray Lane, and many others. I listen carefully to what these folk have to say, and I’m eager to hear what they’ve been working on lately, what conclusions they’ve reached, and how they think the phenomenon of Enterprise 2.0 will unfold.

I also hope to have the chance to talk with a lot of the conference attendees, to learn what their experiences have been as they’ve introduced the new generation of collaboration tools and social software.  I understand that the conference organizers are putting together a couple roundtables; please let them know if you’d like to participate.

Finally, I know some of the topics I’m going to cover in my talk, but what would you like to hear about?  What are the burning issues around Enterprise 2.0 in your company?  The biggest open questions?  Leave a comment and let us know, or send me an email.