Getting Kind of Hectic

The top story of the latest (February 26) issue of InformationWeek is about Enterprise 2.0, and contains a lot of very interesting information.  The headline of the main story is "Most Business Tech Pros Wary About Web 2.0 Tools In Business: ‘Enterprise 2.0’ must overcome concerns about security and return to get a foothold in business, InformationWeek Research Finds." but I find most of the content decidedly less pessimistic than this headline.  Related stories examine mashups, offerings from major IT vendors, ways to get started, the problems with email and "Why we like the ‘Enterprise 2.0’ label."

Also today in Computerworld is a story on the Defense Intelligence Agency’s use of E2.0 tools like blogs and wikis.  I wrote earlier about the great New York Times Magazine story on the same topic.  Since then, it appears that momentum has been building.  The Computerworld story contains the assertion from Lewis Shepherd, chief of the DIA’s requirements and research group at the Pentagon, that "Across agencies, wikis and blogs are becoming as ubiquitous as e-mail in terms of information sharing."  Wow.

I’ll write later with more detailed reactions to this new content.  Let me just note for now that these stories are all about the use of new collaboration, information sharing, and personalization technologies, not about how these technologies are developed or how they’re delivered to users. In other words, they’re using something close to the relatively narrow definition I proposed of Enterprise 2.0.  As I wrote earlier, E2.0 defined this way engages business executives, managers, and users rather than causing their eyes to glaze over.

What do you think of the InfoWeek and Computerworld stories?  What did you learn?  What did you strongly agree or disagree with?  And what other required reading on this topic have you come across recently? Leave a comment and let us know.