, the Enterprise 2.0 Repository

I’m excited to announce that, the Enterprise 2.0 repository, is now up, running, and open to everyone. Sincere thanks are due to my friends at Socialtext, who grabbed the domain name and volunteered their wiki software (disclosure: Socialtext lets me use their software for free, but I have no financial interest in the company and have done no paid work for it.).

At present consists of a case template, five cases, and not much more. So please contribute to it. Socialtext’s wiki software supports WYSIWYG editing and is, I’ll vouch, very easy to use. You don’t need to be any kind of markup language expert to add content, links, images, tags, formatting, etc. You’ll need to register before you can start contributing, but registration is painless and immediate. 

If you know of an E2.0 case study, please enter any and all details. We don’t care if you were directly involved in the project or not, got paid for it or not, etc. We simply ask that you be as honest and forthcoming as possible, cite sources where available, and disclose your relationship(s) to the companies involved. 

This last point is critical. It’s fine for a vendor or consultant to add information about one of their cases, and it’s fine if that information is not verifiable from objective and/or published sources. It’s essential, though, that contributors correctly and completely identify themselves and their relationships so that readers have the information necessary to make their own judgments about possible biases. 

Beyond this, I really don’t have many groundrules in mind as the site launches. I hope that contributors are respectful to each other, and that flame wars and trolls don’t appear. And most fundamentally, I hope that lots of people contribute here, and that the case library fills up quickly. So please dive in —  be bold and be active, and let’s see what emerges.