Sorry, Was That an Aphorism?

I met with a group of CEOs recently, and asked them in advance for their questions related to Enterprise 2.0. Many of these concerned definitions of Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0. There were also a number of queries around technology-facilitated communities on the Web, on companies’ public Web sites, and on Intranets —  were they a good idea, should they be encouraged, can then be shaped or stopped, etc.

I got the impression that some confusion existed, and tried to think of how to tee up the points I wanted to make during our session. So one of the first slides in my presentation (yes, I still use PowerPoint) read

"You cannot greatly influence Web 2.0.
You can greatly influence Enterprise 2.0"

Is that the right message for senior executives, or did I greatly oversimplify or steamroll an important distinction?