Taking the Show on the Road

The semester is almost over at HBS; I’ll be out of the classroom after this week. This means that I can travel much more easily and often, and I’m taking advantage of that fact by speaking about Enterprise 2.0 at a few conferences over the next couple months. 

I always find speaking at conferences rewarding not primarily because I get to talk, but because I get to listen. I get to hear reactions to the materials and ideas I present, and to learn about others’ experiences. I also get to meet people who I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise. As I’ve written before, social networking software like Facebook is a great tool for maintaining and exploiting a network of weak social ties and a healthy blogosphere can help convert potential ties into actual ones, but there is still no substitute for being in the same room with people. 

So if you’re in the neighborhood, or available to attend, or just curious I’d encourage you to come to any of the conferences listed below, and to introduce yourself. I’ll be speaking about the latest developments and unfolding trends in E2.0, adoption best practices and challenges, open issues and unsettled questions, and the appropriate areas for business leaders to focus on if they want new tools and approaches to take root in their organizations. I’d love to hear your reactions.

The dates and conferences are:

Wednesday, May 7
Van Web 2.0 naar Enterprise 2.0 (From Web 2.0 to Enterprise 2.0
Zeist, Holland

Tuesday, May 13
BEA’s Participate.08 conference

Wednesday, May 14

Thursday, May 15
DIG 2008: Decisions, Information, and Governance
Las Vegas

Tuesday, May 20
INTERWOVEN: 2008 Legal IT Leadership Summit (LITLS)

Wednesday, June 11
Enterprise 2.0 conference

Thursday, June 12
Mark Logic User Conference
San Francisco