Now THERE’s a Teacher

I just read on the New York Times website "A Teacher on the Front Lines as Faith and Science Clash" by Amy Harmon and am just blown away by the story, and by the dedication, talent, and patience shown by David Campbell, the high school biology teacher featured in the article. 

Campbell helped draft new standards mandating the teaching of evolution in Florida high schools because he felt that the “The kids are getting hurt” by not being exposed to “the organizing principle of life science.” He then had to put his money where his mouth was by teaching biology to the sophomores in his own school, at least some of whom had religious beliefs that made them hostile to many of evolution’s ideas. 

The article is fascinating for many reasons, but for me its real punch came from reading about Campbell’s work to do exactly what teachers are supposed to do: open students’ minds and get them to see things in a new way. As I read I realized that I could never have succeeded at Campbell’s task. I came to the end of the article humbled, and reminded of the great teachers I’ve had who put in (I now realize) endless hours trying to figure out how to best make a big idea appeal to a young mind.

Please read it, let us know what you think, and give some kind of thanks for teachers like David Campbell.