Research You Don’t Even Have to Read


Software giant SAP kindly invited me to a CEO conference earlier this year in Frankfurt (I have done paid speaking engagements and consulting work for SAP in the past, but this conference was purely for purely for intellectual interest). During the event I recorded an extemporaneous 15 minute talk on our research examing the links between IT investment and recent changes in competition in the US.

The video is now available on SAP TV. Here’s the link (click on the text saying "White-board session about the impact of information technology on companies – on how they perform and how they compete." ). I apologize for all the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ and frantic miming when I couldn’t think of what to say next, but it’s a decent and short introduction to the work. Check it out if you have 15 minutes, and let us know what you think, please.