Taking to the Airwaves

I’ll be on Federal News Radio 1500 shortly after 4 pm this afternoon (East Coast Time) to talk with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris about president-elect Obama’s proposed US CTO post, which I blogged about here. Tune in if you get a chance — streaming audio is available here — or listen to a transcript afterward and let us know what you think of the discussion.

Update: a podcast of the interview is available here. And let me make one immediate clarification:  I might have given the impression in the interview that the DNI actually created or launched Intellipedia and the Intelligence Community’s other 2.0 tools, but this was not the case. These tools started from grass-roots efforts within the community. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has officially blessed or approved them (I’m not sure what the right term is here) but did not initiate them.