I’m moving this blog over to andrewmcafee.wpengine.com/blog . If all goes well the migration will place today (1/20/09) at 1 pm EST, and all the old content will appear in the new place. There will also be permanent redirects from all posts in the old domain to their equivalents in the new one (if you see that this isn’t working anywhere, please let me know ).

 The look and feel of the new blog will be different, and I’ll try to take advantage of some of the capabilities offered by the WordPress platform, but the content will be the same. This will still be a blog about the impact of IT on organizations, industries, competition, and the economy. And I’ll still look at it primarily as a way of getting ideas out there in order to start a conversation around them. So please continue to leave comments, pass on stuff you find interesting, and be part of the dialogue.

I look forward to seeing you in the new neighborhood!