Judging by the Cover…

In the interests of naked self-promotion I wanted to show off the cover to my book Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Your Organization’s Toughest Challenges, which will be published this fall by Harvard Business School Press.

The book covers and expands on many topics discussed in this blog. It’s about how the Web’s novel emergent social software platforms can benefit companies, and how smart organizations and their leaders are making effective use of them.

I’ll post more information about and excerpts from the book as the publication date draws nearer. I’m also working to ensure that it’s available on the Kindle, and perhaps on other ebook readers as well. For now you can read a bit about it on the Amazon pre-order page. And while you’re there, why not just go ahead and order copies for yourself and all your strong, weak, and potential ties?  😉

If you have any questions about the book, please feel free to ask them here via a comment.

Enterprise 2.0 book cover