The Fellowship of the Net

Even though I’m heading down the river to a sweet gig at MIT, my affiliation with Harvard will continue. I’ve been named a fellow at the University’s Berkman Center for the Internet and Society, starting in July. This is a real honor, and I’m very grateful.

The Berkman Center, which started at the Law School, is a legendary gathering place for sharp people who are interested in the the Internet’s impact. I look down the list of current and past fellows, see people like Jimmy Wales, Karim Lakhani, David Weinberger, and Doc Searls, and know that I’ll learn a lot and have great sounding boards for ideas. Since Charles Nesson is on the Berkman faculty I might also get in some good poker games…

I’d like to thank all the Berkman faculty and staff, particularly Urs Glasser and Colin Maclay, for giving me this opportunity. I am confident that my association with the Center will give me plenty to think (and blog) about.