Shameless Self-promotion

I’m sorry, but the title of this post is accurate. A bunch of my work is hitting bookstores, newsstands, and the Interwebs at present, and I feel the need to publicize it all here. I promise to revert to less self-regarding blog posts after this one.

I came back from a trip to find the first copy off the press of my book Enterprise 2.0 waiting for me in my office. I’ll leave it to others to discuss its content (hopefully in uniformly glowing terms); I just want to say that Harvard Business Press did a fantastic job on the book itself. It looks great, and I’m really grateful to my publisher for creating such a lovely container for the ideas. I love my Kindle, but I also still love physical books. And it’s a great feeling to see this one sitting on my desk.

Enterprise 2.0 should start shipping shortly from Amazon and 800ceoread (for bulk orders). It’ll also be available at next week’s Enterprise 2.0 conference in San Francisco, where I’ll be signing copies. I hope to see you there.

Also available now is my Harvard Business Review online article “Shattering the Five Myths of Enterprise 2.0,” the content of which is not hard to guess. It deals with common misconceptions around the deployment and use of emergent social software platforms. It is not an excerpt from the book, or a rehashing of ideas covered here; it’s novel work based on recent research and observations. I hope it’s useful and thought provoking, and I’d appreciate hearing any reactions. Please leave them here in the form of a comment.

And please also check out and comment on my new blog over at   I’ve joined their family of bloggers (which includes many heavy hitters and fresh voices), where I’ll concentrate on IT’s impact on the business world. My ‘Hello, World’ post is called “Bridging the Geek-Suit Divide,” continuing my recent run of boring, self-explanatory titles.

I’ll use my blog to talk to suits (in other words, managers) about how geek tools (information technology) are changing their world and their jobs. I don’t think enough attention has been paid to this topic, and I want to use the blog to make clear the depth and breadth of changes brought to the business world by computers. I use the word ‘digitization’ as a broad label for this change process.

I believe that digitization is one of the most important phenomena taking place in the business world now. I believe the data back up the previous statement. And I believe that most executives, and managers don’t fully appreciate how big a deal digitization is, and how critical is their role in harnessing the power of IT instead of getting blindsided by it. So I’ll use my Digitization Blog at to try to drive all these points home to the site’s readers.

I’ll continue to blog separately here, of course, and I’ll also repost here all my posts after a two-week delay. So if you’re happy just visiting, you can continue to do so. But if you want to join the conversation over at or point your colleagues there, please do. I look forward to hearing from you no matter which venue you choose.

And if there are tech topics you really think the suits need to hear about, please let me know. I’d value your thoughts on what they need to hear about.