Heading South by Southwest

I’m doing a presentation at SXSWi next Monday on “What Does Corporate America Think of 2.0?” I’ll discuss what I’ve seen and learned talking to corporate decision makers as they decide on and deploy emergent social software platforms.

I look at this as an opportunity to talk to the geeks about what’s on the suits’ minds. Given the large and persistent gap between these two communities, some bridge-building should be valuable. I hope you’ll come if you’re interested, or come just to say Hi. The presentation is at 9:30 am on Monday, March 15 in Hilton D (I know that’s early on a Monday morning. Bring your coffee; we’ll start slow). And leave a comment or send me a tweet or email if there’s anything you’d particularly like to talk about at the session.

This is my first time going to SXSW, and I’m excited to see what it’s all about. I’ve heard a ton about it over the years, and am finally going to experience it first hand. I’ll tweet and perhaps blog about what I see and learn there. I’ve heard that it’s a big, sprawling, and often overwhelming environment, so any pointers you can share about how to get the most out of the conference would be much appreciated.

What are the “can’t miss” talks, events, and venues? What parts of SXSW are you most looking forward to? I have to leave shortly after my talk on Monday and so can’t stick around for the music event, but I’m eager to make the most of the experience while I’m there. Which includes, clearly, learning about and getting into all the best parties…     😉

Leave a comment, please, and give us your tips for making the most out of SXSW. I look forward to seeing you there.