An Opportunity Knocks

This is just a quick post to let people know about an interesting opportunity.

The Center for Digital Business at MIT, where I work, is holding its annual conference on Tuesday, May 18 on campus. At this event we share with the Center’s sponsors our latest research on technology’s impact in four areas: productivity, performance, and competition; marketing; services; and health.

We also have a keynote speaker, who this year is MIT’s own Sherry Turkle, one of the world’s foremost experts on how people relate to the technologies that enter their lives. I haven’t heard Prof. Turkle speak in a long time, and am eager to learn about her latest work.

Erik Brynjolfsson and I and our colleagues will also be presenting some early results from ongoing research examining the question “what makes a company good at exploiting IT?” We’re learning a lot from this work, and I’m looking forward to showing and discussing our data.

I bring this up because while the conference is a private event, we do each year invite a few non-sponsors to join us. We look for people and companies that are interested in IT’s impact on the business world, that can productively contribute to the day’s discussions, and that want to learn more about the CDB and research sponsorship opportunities. There’s no cost to participate, and the benefits are substantial (if I do say so myself).

So this post is a broadcast search for a few good attendees. This is my first year of full association with the Center, and we’re trying the experiment of using this blog to locate folk who would like to join us. Space is very limited so we can’t guarantee that all parties, even appropriate ones, will be accommodated, but we’ll certainly try.

If you’d like to attend, just send me an email at amcafee at mit dot edu introducing yourself and your company. If you have any questions, email them or leave them here as a comment and I’ll respond the same way. And please feel free to forward this post to anyone else you think might be interested.

Hope to see you on campus later this month…