Which Technologies Will Be the Biggest Deals?

I’m digging in on a project to better understand the ongoing digitization of business: the penetration of computer technology into more and more and more aspects of work. One goal of this effort is test my hypothesis / hunch that digitiztation is the single biggest shift taking place in the business world today, and tomorrow.

It seems to me that I need to practice what I preach, so I’m going to crowdsourcing some of my ideas and questions here in the coming weeks.

So here’s question #1: Which recent digital innovations will have the biggest impact on the business world over the next decade? By ‘biggest impact’ I don’t mean anything like ‘largest IPO;’ instead, I’m trying to get a sense of which new/new-ish technologies will bring the biggest changes to the most companies and industries? Which ones will most increase productivity, change how work gets done, change the balance of competition, affect the most jobs, and so on?

Here’s my initial list:

All of these are pretty recent developments, and I think all of them are going to be a big deal. Do you?

What other recent technology innovations should be on this list? What do I not know about that I should? Leave a comment, please, and let us know. Tell us what you think the big deal technologies will be for the mainstream economy, and why. I’m very eager to hear your nominations and justifications.

And please pass this post/question on to your biggest geek visionary friends. Remember, they shall inherit the Earth…