Anybody Know a Good Community Manager?

My colleagues and I at the MIT Center for Digital Business have (finally) decided that it’s time to start practicing what we preach. So we’re starting up an online community, and recruiting a curator / community manager / content editor for it.

Global recessions and financial crises aside, we think that the most important trend in the business world today is the digitization of… well, everything: Processes, tasks, jobs, business models, innovation, social networks and communities, customer interactions and understanding, experimentation and prototyping —    the list goes on and on.

All of these are in the process of moving from analog to digital. This is happening in all geographies and industries —   not just US high tech — but it’s happening very unevenly. The digitization of business, in short, is not a rising tide that floats all boats equally. It’s instead something like a slow-motion earthquake, destroying lots of structures and leaving behind a disturbed and jagged landscape.

Digitization is a topic not just (or even primarily) for the IT department; it needs to involve the entire leadership of the organization. But as we’ve looked around, we haven’t found the one central resource on that topic — the go-to place for news and discussion about digital business.

So we’re going to launch one. Our vision is that the Center for Digital Business (CDB) Community will be both a clearinghouse and a community. It’ll round up (and generate) news about how computers and networks are changing the business world, and also provide forums for people to talk with each other, and with us, about what they’re going through.

I’ll talk more about the goals, form, and rollout of the CDB Community later. First, we need to find a great editor for it. If you are such a person, please get in touch. If you know of such a person, please pass this on to them.

A job description is below; we prefer that the person be local to Boston. We’re looking to fill this position quickly, since we have some significant new initiatives getting under way this fall.

Thanks in advance for helping us find the right person; we’re eager to get this community up and running, and to advance the state of knowledge around the digitization of business.

ONLINE COMMUNITY AND WEB CONTENT EDITOR, MIT Sloan School of Management, to provide leadership for a new online community and to work as part of a small, high-energy team running the MIT Center for Digital Business. Duties will include web design – light site design and user interface work to keep refining and improving our Jive-based community platform; writing – curator of content related to the digitization of business, including stories and interviews about digitization; and curating content by linking to and commenting on digitization stories found elsewhere on the web; editing – Working with guiding teams of students who will themselves be contributing and curating content; community managing – Managing the MIT CDB digital community, a behind-the-paywall community of people interested in digitization. This community will be established after the community site has been up and running for some time. While the position is initially part-time (15-20 hours), we expect the time and responsibilities to grow to full-time as the community develops.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree required; familiarity and facility with HTML and Jive Platform; experience in building dynamic digital communities – from content development to user acquisition; must be excellent writer and editor of content; knowledge of, and deep interest in, the digitization of business and growth of information technologies; tireless, self-motivated worker who can manage, motivate, and work with faculty and students; experience with social media preferred.

Please send email with resume to David Verrill, Executive Director of the Center for Digital Business, at .