In Memoriam: Steve Jobs

Let’s stop and note: the billionaire CEO of a Fortune 50 company has died, and spontaneous memorials to him have sprung up all around the world. I ask in all seriousness – has anything like this ever happened before in the history of modern capitalism?

Jobs wasn’t a philanthropist (as that word is commonly understood), so his mourners aren’t commemorating his alms-giving. They’re celebrating the fact that he at long last humanized computers. He made them simple. He made them beautiful. He put music into them. He made them usable by anyone, from toddlers to great-grandparents. He turned them, almost singlehandedly, from sources of vexation into cabinets of wonder.

Because of all this, the mourning makes a lot more sense to me than the bile aimed at Apple by  some of the geek elite in recent years. I’ve always understood the mission of geekdom to be making the world a better place through technology. No one in living memory – no one – did a better job of that than Jobs.

He will be remembered, and missed.