What Kind of FOO am I?

A little while back I put borrowed camping gear (thanks, Steve and Lee!) into a rental car and drove from San Francisco to Sebastopol to pitch my tent at FOO Camp, Tim O’Reilly’s annual jamboree of those-doing-cool-things-with-technology.

FOO (which stands for ‘friends of O’Reilly’) is a free, invitation-only unconference, and Tim and his colleagues at O’Reilly media are amazing hosts. There were delicious food and beverages, wifi and meeting rooms, showers and towels, and every other form of hospitality appropriate to the occasion.

FOO Camp 2012 sessions

My highlights included:

The legendary columnist Murray Kempton wrote that he loved New York because it “happens to be the only city under the eye of God where the librettist for Don Giovanni could find his closest friend in the author of “The Night Before Christmas.” Well, FOO Camp is the only place I’ve been where you wind up hanging out midmorning with the Obama campaign’s CTO, the guy at Google responsible for monitoring online repression and attempts to shut off the Internet around the world, one of the world’s leading competitive data scientists, and the guy who monetized Lolcats.

I hope I do enough interesting things in the next year to be invited back. Thanks, Tim and the rest of the O’Reilly gang; you put on a great Geekstock.

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