How a Techonomist Would Advise the President

The always-excellent Boston Book Festival is this Saturday in Copley Square in Boston. If you’re at all local you should go, and I don’t just say that because I’ve been on the technology advisory committee from the start. I also say it because I’m presenting this year.  😉

I’m on a panel I’m really looking forward to, called “The Economy: Advice for the Winner.” Planet Money’s Adam Davidson will moderate, and he’s told us that he’ll start by asking “If you could have five minutes with the President (whomever that might be in January), what would you tell him to focus on economically?”

Great question. I’ve been thinking about what I’ll say, and also looking forward to hearing how my fellow panelists will respond. They’re a ridiculously impressive group. As the BBF website says, they’re “Carmen Reinhart, author of This Time Is DifferentJeffrey Frieden, author of Lost DecadesEsther Duflo, author of Poor Economics,… and competitiveness guru Michael Porter.”

If you’re nearby and at all interested, please come by. Get to the session early, though. A lot of the popular panels at the BBF fill up their rooms, and the stature of my fellow panelists convinces me that this one will be popular indeed.

I hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it I’ll let you know when the audio is up and available on the BBF site.

I’d say which of the other sessions and presenters I’m interested in, but there are simply too many. You really should check it out for yourself.