Yes, This Post is About Me Speaking at TED…

… and I apologize for that. But I am pretty excited. I guess my TEDxBoston tryout last year was good enough to get me called up to the big leagues.

I’ve never been to the main conference, so have no idea what to expect. Recent descriptions of TED seem to be either wet kisses or contemptuous flames, so it’s tough to get an accurate signal from the outside. One thing I know: several people I respect a great deal tell me they attend faithfully and get a lot out of it.

One other thing I know: my colleague, co-author, and buddy Erik Brynjolfsson is going to deliver a killer talk. I heard him run through it yesterday, and was blown away. I’ll let you know when it’s up on; I predict it will be very popular there.

Erik speaks on Tuesday morning, and I’m on Wednesday afternoon. I’m also participating in the (in)famous Autodesk IDEAS Cage Match on Thursday night, arguing with old friend Juan Enriquez about whether humanity is doomed. To prepare for the match, I’m going to study the insights of Conan the Barbarian. I intend to make a right fool of myself, so I hope what happens at Cage Match stays at Cage Match. But I don’t think it will.

I’m going to go back to obsessively preparing and stressing about my talk now. I hope to see some of you in Long Beach, and I’ll report back from there.