Head-to-Head at TED

My colleague, coauthor, and friend Erik “The Iceland Cometh” Brynjolfsson went up against Bob “Flash” Gordon onstage at TED earlier this year. It was one of the highlights of the conference for me, and the videos are now up.

Bob went first, giving his provocative view of why economic growth, as we know it, might be coming to an end:

Erik went next, and gave the case for optimism based on the current flourishing of digital technologies.

The two of them then took the stage together and continued the conversation in debate format, with TED maestro Chris Anderson as moderator.

It was great geek fun – informative, enlightening, and entertaining all at once.

And it ain’t over yet. Erik and Bob are participating in a live TED debate tomorrow, Thursday, April 25 at 4 pm EST on “Is America Past its Prime?” If you’re at all interested in the topics of innovation, productivity, economic growth, and technological progress (and if you’re not, what on Earth is the matter with you?) be sure to tune in. I assure you that you’ll walk away from it smarter, and with new ideas rattling around in your head.