The Audience Voted, and You Know They Picked a Winner

Following up on my post from yesterday:

The debate between me and Bob Gordon hosted by The Economist ended yesterday, and today moderator Ryan Avent announced that the winner was….  me (woo hoo!).

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 10.47.31 AM

Avent pointed out that Bob steadily chipped away at my initial lead (which strongly indicates that I should have just kept my mouth shut instead of trying to argue my case), but said that

The multiplying marvels around the world, from driverless cars to the plunging price of genome sequencing, look to be a testament to the idea that better times are ahead…

I think it is safe to conclude that Mr McAfee’s optimism is built on more than sheer faith.

Many thanks to The Economist for letting us have at it as part of their great online debate series, and to Bob for being an ideal opponent in a war of ideas. He’s scary smart, he fights fair, and he’s willing to mix it up in public. It was a real treat to cross swords with him.


And if Justice Elena Kagan gets to include references to 80s pop lyrics in her opinions, I get to use them as titles for my posts.