The Second Machine Age Book Tour Comes to the East Coast This Week

I can’t say for sure that coming to hear me and Erik Brynjolfsson talk about our book The Second Machine Age will bring great things to you and your city, but we did wind up our West Coast tour last week in Seattle. Draw your own conclusions…

NYC gig

We start off the week tonight in our hometown at the historic Brattle Theater in Harvard Square. We’re talking with WBUR’s fantastic Meghna Chakrabarti at 6; tickets are $5 and the event is sponsored by the Harvard Book Store, which I’ve been patronizing for just about 30 years.

Tomorrow I’m at Politics and Prose in Washington, DC at 7 pm. This one is a solo gig, free and open to the public. To make up for the lack of Erik, wine and beer will be available.

Thursday night the duo reunites in Soho for an event sponsored by New America NYC at 6 pm. We’ll be joined by New York Times economics reporter Catherine Rampell, who I’ve wanted to meet for a long time. RSVP here.

There will be time for questions from the audience at each of these events, so please come and let us know what’s on your mind as you think about tech progress, economics, and workforce issues.

See you there!