Event: FWD.us in New York on Wednesday, March 26

Embedded image permalinkJust a quick note to let New Yorkers know that I’ll be in Manhattan tomorrow (Wednesday, March 26) participating in a very worthwhile event: a discussion and reception sponsored by tech industry advocacy group FWD.us on technology, the middle class, and the American dream.

It takes place at AOL headquarters at 770 Broadway. I’m not sure what time doors open, but there’s a reception before our panel starts at 6:30. FWD.us founder Joe Green moderates (I’ll vouch that he’ll keep things lively), and I’ll be joined by Van Jones and Scott Murphy.

FWD.us initially took up immigration reform, a tremendously important topic, and has now broadened its brief to include the issues I’ve been studying and writing about: the interplay among technological progress, aggregate economic growth, and individual economic opportunity. I’ll talk about our book The Second Machine Age as well as what we’re learning from the most recent research (including Thomas Piketty’s great new book Capital in the 21st Century).

I hope you’ll come, ask a question during the discussion, and stick around for the reception afterward. I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did…