MIT’s Second Machine Age Conference in September: Sign up Now

I am sorry to brag, but this really is an all-star lineup. If you’re at all interested in technological progress and its implications for our businesses, economies, and societies, you should attend the 2014 Second Machine Age conference.

MIT Second Machine Age conference It’s being held on September 10 and 11 at the gorgeous MIT Media Lab building, and organized jointly by the Institute’s Industrial Liaison Program and the Initiative on the Digital Economy (which I cofounded with Erik Brynjolfsson). Erik and I are both speaking, but that’s not the the exciting part (sorry, Erik). What’s truly exciting is the group of people who have agreed to join us and share their latest work and thinking. Where else can you, in the space of two days, hear from:

  • LinkedIn cofounder Allen Blue
  • DARPA’s Gill Pratt
  • and MIT heavy hitters Sinan Aral, Bill Aulet, David Autor, Cesar Hidalgo, Joi Ito, Fiona Murray, Sandy Pentland, Julie Shah, Scott Stern, Deb Roy, and Daniela Rus?

Nowhere, that’s where.

Most of the seats at the conference are reserved for ILP and IDE members, but there are a few available to the general public. The ILP has graciously given our social media followers a special code to use when registering for the conference. So if you’d like to attend (I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t), enter “2MA150” during general registration and you’ll get discounted admission. There are only a few of these discounted seats available, so sign up now!

Hope to see you on campus in September…