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Carl Bass – A Leader Looks Back, and Ahead

Why he retired to a metal shop instead of a yacht, how to train an…

Episode 6 - Jul 19 2018

Patrick Collison – The Craft of Disruption

Where he and his brother got the chutzpah to take on the worldwide payments industry,…

Episode 5 - Jul 04 2018

Mary Lou Jepsen: Scanning for a Better Life

How she’s building handheld devices for scanning the body that put science fiction to shame,…

Episode 4 - Jun 21 2018

Eric Schmidt: Running a Rocket Ship

When he realized how big a deal Google was going to be, the subtle art…

Episode 3 - Jun 04 2018

Alex Rodriguez: From Baseball to Politics

How an ex-jock wound up on stage moderating a panel discussion on American politics, why…

Episode 2 - May 14 2018

Reid Hoffman: The Sage of Silicon Valley

What the real secret of Silicon Valley today is, when it’s smart to “spend capital…

Episode 1 - May 14 2018