Welcome to AndrewMcAfee.org

I’m Andrew McAfee, a researcher, writer, and teacher about technological progress and its effects. I’m a cofounder of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy, which is part of the MIT Sloan School of Management

This site and others contain a few different kinds of relevant content; click on the headings below to visit them.

The Second Machine Age

Erik Brynjolfsson and I published this book with WW Norton in January of 2014. Its subtitle,    “Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies,” tells what it’s about. It’s made the bestseller lists at The New York Times, Amazon, The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Post,  and others.

Online Writing

I’ve been maintaining my blog on this site since March of 2006. I also blog for Harvard Business Review, as a LinkedIn Influencer, and a Wall Street Journal expert.  I use Twitter for shorter updates and to point to interesting content I come across. Please feel free to follow any and all.

The MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

Erik Brynjolfsson and I cofounded this initiative, which focuses on how digital technologies are changing businesses, economies, and societies around the world. The IDE has four ‘pillars:’ workforce issues, business model transformation, networks, and data. In addition to me and Erik, Sandy Pentland and Sinan Aral are MIT faculty closely involved with this initiative.

Earlier Books

I coauthored and self-published the short ebook Race Against the Machine with Erik in October 2011. My book Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for your Organization’s Toughest Challenges was published in late 2009 by Harvard Business Publishing.

Contact and Speaking Information

You can find me at amcafee at mit dot edu. If you’re interested in having me speak at an event, please contact Joan Powell of Leading Thoughts at jpowell@leadingthoughts.com or 800.682.1917.



A statement of my research interests


Biographical and contact information.

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  • agorri

    Hi Andrew, Just saw the 'stump' speech at MES West… I guess it all felt very familiar, but then I work for a tech company that already does everything you discussed. Have you had feedback from companies that after listening to you they had some kind of lightbulb moment that shifted them in the direction of Enterprise 2.0? Either way, looking forward to following your insight going forward.

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  • Ben

    Hi Andrew,

    I just read your article in this month's HBR. I wanted to thank you for giving voice to the concerns that I have to address as the technical lead on an Enterprise 2.0 project. You have given me several insights as well for things that I should be on the look out for. Thank you.

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  • arielnotcovich

    Hi Andy,
    I just received the latest HBR. It fell on my hands at the right time. I'm pushing to implement 2.0 approach on my organization. Facing a lot of ignorance and resistance. I deeply believe on the power of the new ways to accelerate innovation and create better communication. How to help my organization to digest the change? We are piloting a prototype “Social” platform for my R&D group. How to engage and facilitate adoption and usage?

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    Thanks for sharing so much through this site. You really do seem to bring home exactly how technology advances bring about change (both positive and negative) in various business environments as a whole. I've come across some other resources that hint at the same thing, but not in such a concrete way. I saw your book was in stock at Amazon and I'm adding it to my wish list. (everyone knows to buy me books for Christmas).

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    Great review in Forbes! There is a company on the Forbes America's Most Promising called iKnowWare The points of business process and workflow are important in the new NON SILO world. Having a framework/platform that is able to be personalized in the language of the industry drives adoption and utilization. Ease of use, less clicks…. what I need to know.

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  • Bill Kaster

    Andrew, I was your Father and Bonnie’s pastor in Hobart 1989-1998. My wife and I played pinochle and ate pizza every Sunday night with them for years. I am now retired in North Webster IN. My son Pete and I just returned from California where my daughter Mary lives. We spent three days with Dave and Bonnie. Your Dad shoved your book into my hand. I’ve now finished reading it. Has anyone done any research on IT use in the church? My guess is that the church is barely, if at all, using Enterprise 1.0. (A few younger pastors are blogging and active on Facebook, but our average age is probably 59.99.) We are definitely not using 2.0, or anything remotely ressembling it. The church is totally afraid of communicating for fear that someone will gain control of something. Your observations appreciated.

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  • Dan

    I share your interest in “Enterprise 2.0″. I would be very interested in reading an academic paper based on your research.

  • http://andrewmcafee.org/blog amcafee

    Bill, hello. I don't know of good work on how religious organizations are using technology — does anyone else know anything about this?

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  • mmorley

    Andrew – Met you at the Gartner event. Great presentation. Our conversation was along the lines of once an organization decides to reinvent itself and provide all kinds of new culture shaping tools and user interfaces, how does it prepare itself? how does it sustain the adoption? The company I work for provides a global platform that enables an organization to transform itself within months as opposed to years. CEO's love the time to value in my model. The problem is the organization and CEO for that matter need special coaching we (my company) simply don't provide. Are you aware of companies or individuals that specialize this type of organizational consulting?

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  • annecurley

    Just participated in your presentation hosted by Awareness. Very thoughtful, very helpful. I'd love to host a dinner for thought leaders in Milwaukee featuring you and your presentation. If you'd be interested in doing this sometime, perhaps in connection with a trip to Chicago, please contact me. Thanks again for sharing your insights.

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  • lizswenton

    Hi Andrew,

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  • Jean-Michel Paris

    I am replying here to your recent Forbes Commentary (Why Geeks Hate the iPad) wit a view to minimize abusive commercial use of my email address.

    While not in disagreement with your view of the situation, I believe that what currently worries and enrages geeks the most, is their increasing awareness of the rapidly progressing demise of so many of the “big sleepy incumbents” which have been their source of ill conceived, half baked, buggy and deficient hardware and software they could hack to their hearts content to inflict ridicule to their makers.

  • Ellen M Kowalczyk

    I just read your Commentary in Forbes on “Rising Above Tech's Temptations.” It was excellent.

  • Singhmaharaj

    I was among the first person to get the copy of the book “Enterprise 2.0″ . I have been using few of the technologies described in the book but never thought that it is possible to use them at organizational level.

    I have studied, worked and lived in China, SE Asia and India. I have been trying to find answer to one question: Will the Enterprise 2.0 technologies be accepted by organizations in Asia, where organizational hierarchy matters a lot. It is considered negative to even put forth your views if they do not match with what your superiors think. In such environment how such technologies can be implemented, how successful will it be if implemented and what would be the consequences? I am really interested to know answers to these questions. If you have covered these questions in your research please share the thoughts. If you have not touched these topics; I would personally want to work on them.

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  • kathleen schmidt

    great internet or not panel discussion yesterday at boston book fest. thanks and we look forward to reading enterprise 2.0!

  • Barry

    Hello Andrew,
    Listened to your HBR Podcast yesterday and immediately bought your Enterprise 2.0 book. I have a big presentation coming up with the Sr. Exec team and would like to convince them to strategically invest in a knowledge collaboration platform. Thanks for the ideas and direction!

  • Tony Carpenter

    Andrew just read the article Taking The Social Media Plunge: learning to let go.
    I found this to be right on and a good reminder to keep utilizing social media for both productivity and business.

    I’ve been in sales since I graduated college in 1998. I’ve gone from “why would I need an email account in 1994″ to FB addict. I was a technical recruiter during the dot.com crash. Laid off after 9/11. I left that industry for the mortgage industry, where after 4 prosperous years I was laid off 3 times in 20 months not due to lack of business…my employers kept going under. I think this hits home for me quite a bit especially the mission statement…head down..etc.

    You mentioned that people may or may not use the media maturely and productively. I get a lot of business from Facebook AND I waste a lot of time on Facebook. People have work/personal contact information. They could have work and personal social networking information. Andrew’s FB Work page, Andrews FB personal.

    One company reluctance could be fear of lawsuit. Employees do stupid things and it could leave them exposed to a lawsuit. It might be hard to filter out some of the offense material or content that not everyone wants.

    These media etc seem to evolve faster than we can master them. Especially if there is a lack of knowledge. Some people still do not have cell phones, know how to text, understand email, attachments etc. (I call these people ‘free’)

    I think the mantra being sought lies somewhere between what we’ve been programmed to look for. Find something you love to do, get paid for it, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. People are trying to balance this. I don’t think everyone can be trusted to discover it on their own. Some need to be saved from their own inefficiencies. But good stuff, keep it coming.
    Tony Portland, OR

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  • Anonymous

    As an employee of one of the companies you mentioned in your article for Fortune I can tell you that, no, employees are not trusted using any electronic media. I am actively discouraged by my “manager” from reading Fortune, Money, WSJ or anything that is not posted internally about the company by the company.

    As for anything such as Facebook, blogs or messageboards – we are threatened with discliplinary action if we are “caught” during “working hours” using these tools (even if it IS for the benefit of our products). (As a matter of fact, I’m literally trembling with anxiety at the thought of posting here for fear of being found out!)

  • Sundar

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    Thanks for ‘listening’!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.anderson.16503 Gary Anderson

    A few more thoughts on robotics & the future:

    Let’s not ignore the parallel development of recombinant DNA. Within 40 years biotech will provide the means to increase lifespans by 100-200% and arrest the ageing process. Not to mention increased intellect, strength durability, vision, etc, etc. Who will benefit from these mega-enhancements? It will NOT be egalitarian, it will only be available to the rich & powerful among us (the .001%). If it were applied to the masses it could be a disaster, there aren’t enough resources available for the present (short lived) world population. These procedures could cost millions of dollars, whom ever becomes the ‘Bill Gates’ of the Biotech Company providing these enhancements could become a multi-trillionaire.
    The gap between the ‘haves & have nots’ is about to increase by ~several orders of magnitude~! These lucky few may be considered to be Homo Sapiens 2.0, and who better to lead/rule society?! (I suspect that these ‘super beings’ will consider themselves as Homo Sapiens 1.0, the rest of us were just beta models.)
    Combine this with a robotically run society including robotic armies and a very unsettling & downright scary future can easily be imagined.

  • Mike Dunkerley

    Hi Andrew
    In 1994 I wrote a book about the economic impact of technology on the world of work. It is titled ‘The Jobless Economy’, published by Polity Press, Oxford University, UK. In it I explored the topics you discussed in you recent TED talk.
    The problem of transitioning to a new economy where machines and computers do most of the work now being done by humans is that it is an act of faith that new jobs will be created in sufficient numbers and in good time to compensate for the loss of the old jobs.
    Business (and right wing politics) links the right to consume with working (thus contributing) for wages otherwise you are freeloading. The idea of contributing to society in non moneterised ways is not considered. Just refere to the language used in the current presidential election debates.
    However, if machines are doing the work then you are not freeloading on other peoples efforts but on the ‘efforts’ of machines which is a completely different moral dynamic.
    If work becomes scarce and market forces competitively drive down wages then the consumer economy will start to collapse. France prematurely has sort to confront this problem by introducing a legally enforcable 35 hour week. Germany is experimenting with ‘micro jobs’.
    There will have to be a lot of new thinking to challenge conventional economic paradimes if any transition is to be a smooth one. The change from rural agrarian economies to urban industrial economies during the industrial revolution created a huge number of losers and great social unrest.

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    Enjoyed hearing you on Forum this morning. Something ordinary workers would thank you for: I (and most ordinary Americans I’ll wager) have a simple nuts-and-bolts digital technology issue we’d rejoice mightily about if you’d get some students to solve with digital technology (and a little old-fashioned human activism and problem solving)! We all still need and use paper receipts, and different forms of digital receipts also proliferate. Nevertheless, none of them are easy for ordinary consumers and small business people to reliably extract the information from for digital use, in taxes, recordkeeping, medical insurance claims, consumer issues, warranties, etc. The banks significantly streamlined their check-cashing operations by getting a simple rule requiring people to sign their checks at one end. Similarly, we humans could all use a reliably robot-readable information format for paper receipts! Perhaps at the top of a receipt, a small section in a standardized format should be required to be generated, with date, business name and contact info, items, cost each, taxes, and total. I don’t even like to think of all the time it’s taken from my life and family to read little pieces of paper, that a machine could read for me — but only if we get a little bit of human thought put into some standardization of the basic information, the way the banks did with checks. (This includes for digital receipts as well!) There’s probably no money in getting such a change through, which is why it’s a great project for students, but once done, the opportunities for creating apps and technology to make ordinary people more efficient and effective are endless. (I have dibs on the app to automatically check paper receipts against credit card statements!!)

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  • Glenn Snead

    Andrew, I just re-watched your TED talk from September 2012: “Are droids taking our jobs?” I think you’re missing a few important observations: 1. In the Industrial Revolution, low skill jobs replaced other low skill, moderate skill, or high skill jobs. As the economy grew, so did the labor force. In the Robot Revolution, labor is eliminated. What will countries with large, poorly educated, largely low skill (but also college educated) populations like the United States do with millions of permanently unemployed?

    I work in IT, and I see dozens of places in which predictive, evidence based modeling could replace 80% of my work force. 36% of this work force is under-educated and corporations have little interest in spending money on training. When the robots eliminate this work force, what then?

    2. So where do the robot eliminated humans go? Will we have jobs that can’t be performed better by robots when they improve exponentially? Why would a company or a government employ humans? Is anyone compiling data on where the 18-50 year old working population and where we could end up?

  • Michal Fabijanek

    Hello Andrew, just watched Your latest TED talk. If it’ll be possible for You (I don’t know if it was translated to english…), please read “Limes Inferior” by polish sci-fi author Janusz Zajdel. Here’s a link to the info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limes_inferior

  • Michael Benedikt

    Hello Andrew. I also just watched your latest TED talk on structural unemployment. The answer lies in qualitative rather than quantitative economic growth, i.e., in complexity (properly understood) rather than in volume. Yes, the Answer is Education, as many have concluded, but equally in the areas of production and reception, i.e., expertise and connoisseurship. That’s where the new prosperity will come from, and the new jobs, robots or no. For an extended exploration of this idea, references, and data, see “Better Is Better Than More: Complexity, Economic Progress, and Qualitative Growth” at http://soa.utexas.edu/files/csd/wps201101.pdf

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    Hello. I read an interview with you at a brazilian magazine (Exame CEO, August 2013) about how technology is reducing jobs. How would firms grow and be profit if less job means less money to spend? Isn’t this a boundary? Or money won’t be necessary in this new economy?

  • Kenneth Oliphant

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    It seemed appropriate that I write to the very people that are working in the career that I am dreaming for myself.

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    99% of my units are Music classses so I have a few GEs done. English, speech, polsci, history, etc. Pretty much everything but the math and science. The math and science prepatory classes alone will drain a good chunk of my GI bill.

    In your experience which degree/cert/program would be best for someone like me?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    It seemed appropriate that I write to the very people that are working in the career that I am dreaming for myself.

    I would like a career in any of the following fields: Information Technology, Network Security, and/or Software development.

    I have completed 127 units in the Bachelor of Music degree(I have not completed the degree yet) program at California State University Northridge, because of this I am not eligible for any financial aid.

    My 9/11 G.I. Bill covers 36 months of school. Due to the high requirements of math and science in the San Diego State University, it seems impossible to be able to finish the degree program in 36 months; so transferring does not seem to be an option.

    Currently, I am planning to just take all the available computer science class my local community college has to offer (while interning) and hope for the best.

    The course list for the computer science class interests me (I want to take all of them).

    The associates in science doesn’t interest me as much because it only requires 3 units of CS(The rest are business, accounting, and economics).

    I found that the San Diego Continuing Education has classes for “Networking and General IT (Cisco Academy)” and “Web Server Maintenance and Security.”

    I have worked as an Information Systems Coordinator in the Marine Corps. I am hoping that this will be considered as at least a help desk experience in the IT field. Help desk is pretty fun; Customer service/complaint department is not.

    I am currently learning python on my own. I plan to take Java, C++, and VB courses in 2014. I am a bit worried that I will not learn proper programming concepts and have a terrible “smell” in my coding.

    Of course I desire a B.S. Degree in Computer Science / Information Technology.
    99% of my units are Music classses so I have a few GEs done. English, speech, polsci, history, etc. Pretty much everything but the math and science. The math and science prepatory classes alone will drain a good chunk of my GI bill.

    In your experience which degree/cert/program would be best for someone like me?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Anonymous

    Mr McAfee

    I challenge the consensus which says the 21st Century Economic Crisis is

    just another “Recession” precipitated by gross lending abuses, lax

    controls, inadequate politics and general greed. These all played

    significant roles in making a difficult situation worse but were not

    and are not the prime movers in the catastrophe we experience; a

    catastrophe which despite 6 years of frantic remedial action is

    getting worse. Why? Because we are treating only the symptoms and not

    addressing the real causes at all.

    The 21st Century is entirely different from any other time experienced

    by the human race or by Economic activity. The present is personified

    by the genius of its Technology; a genius that has taken real Economic

    Activity onto an entirely different plane of achievement and which

    will not answer to or be managed by antiquated Economic rules. The way

    I communicate with you, the smartphone you use every day, the luxuries

    and facilities that have become commonplace must indicate to you how

    different the 21st Century is. But we still try to govern and

    administer Economics with a Philosophy which evolved over centuries of

    very different Economic conditions.

    I mention just 3 areas of great Economic change; inexorably linked

    together at the root of Economic Activity and as yet unrecognised,

    unacknowledged and even unspoken by the Economic/Political

    Establishment. The three areas are Production, growth and jobs.

    Production! Economics is in essence Production of all goods and

    services; ensuring the needs of the human race can be provided for

    tomorrow, next week, next year and into the future. The human race has

    expanded enormously and has become more affluent and demanding and

    despite invention, automation and specialisation has historically

    defied the ability of production to meet all its needs and desires.

    Until now! “All changed; changed utterly. A terrible beauty is born”!

    WB Yeats.

    In the 21st Century the constant inability of history to produce all that could

    be consumed has been reversed to an inability to consume all that can

    be produced.

    The implications are enormous. “Growth”, which is producing more and

    was always necessary to close the gap between what could be produced

    and consumed, is no longer needed or possible. Yet all remedial

    action and hope of recovery is based on resuscitating “growth”; an

    impossibility in the present situation. Where “Growth” still is

    possible it will be accomplished in a very different context to

    “Growth” as we have known it in the past; it will be by very

    sophisticated and powerful Technology in a fraction of the time

    necessary heretofore and with little employment implications. The era

    of “Economics of Growth” has been superseded by the “Economics of

    Sufficiency” or grossly more than sufficiency if we don’t direct our

    energies to restraining the Genii of productive Power which Technology

    has unleashed on the world. This 21st Century is the era of “Enough”;

    we should thank our lucky stare we live in such a time.

    How has this been done? By eliminating the need for human labour in

    the productive process. Not a bad thing at all; why should we have to

    work so hard if Technology can produce all we need while we enjoy more

    leisure? Nothing would be wrong if we could overcome the mindset of

    “work” that is embedded in us from the dawn of history. We have to

    change that mindset; the era of “earn your bread by the sweat of your

    brow” and “work or die” or “work will make you free” are is over

    whether we like it or not. We are free of work but we don’t like it!

    Especially as we still depend on work for jobs to distribute wealth as

    wages to the masses though we need their work less and less to provide

    the goods or deliver the services. We must devise systems of creating

    more jobs from less work; shorter hours, longer vacations and earlier

    retirement. Otherwise the mass of society will be pushed into

    dependency and exclusion and despondancy.

    Relentless pursuit of impossible “Growth” is pointless; it has only

    one outcome; “DEBT”. That is what caused and still adds to the

    horrendous and increasing debt of nations and Individuals. The banks

    facilitated it but it was pursuit of impossible growth that caused the

    lunatic lending and bubble. Without “Growth” investment and new

    business is stymied; pension plans worthless; austerity and efficiency

    policies counterproductive and indeed present Economic administration

    inoperable. We must find new means of sustaining such Economic

    Activity. Debt, business failure and unemployment are inevitable

    outcomes of using Economics of “Growth” in an era of “Enough”.

    Our crisis is the result of extraordinary Economic success. The

    economic ambitions of centuries have been spectacularly achieved; we

    can have abundance of everything without having to work so hard. The

    impossible dream of our ancestors! But our success is proving

    disastrous because we will not recognise it or adapt to it. We will

    not even talk about it or allow it onto the debate platform.

    I just give you a flavour of what is an enormous debate; can we cope

    with the greatest success story ever or will we be pulled down by

    adherence to old redundant thinking that is no longer relevant? I am

    available at any time to expand on the theory; a theory by the way

    which terrifies Economists and Politicians. Their only answer is to

    keep it out of the debate. Their stranglehold on debate must be broken.
    We must recognise the changes modern Technology has wrought or
    we will pay a dreadful price.

    Padraic Neary. Ireland. 087 681 5956

  • Adam K. Gumul

    Mr. McAfee,
    For whatever reason I was unable to comment on your article on the topic of replacing human expert judgement with algorithms due to the comment submission section not loading correctly. This is what I would like to say, and I hope you don’t mind me posting it here. Your argument is flawed. Human beings write algorithms, therefore algorithms by nature of being written by human beings, can be just as flawed as they are, with the exception that algorithms do not have the ability to reason on their own and thus will commit the same flaw eternally, like an endless loop in a computer program. Human beings are faulty by nature, but they also have the ability to overcome their flaws. The solution, sir, to flawed experts is not to be found in eliminating their humanity but in making it flourish.

  • Sherrie Noble

    I heard you on WBUR–impressive, as I am reasonably certain is your norm. This is not the place for background beyond I have a J.D. and am in an ABA section tied to things digital, commerce, etc. and the international settings. One question and one I have asked within the halls of HLS: where is the jurisdiction over the Internet? Our of consideration for your time and mine I’ll skip over the responses, especially from those in tenured positions.

    This question is shorthand for a larger need which I have yet to see even initially reasonably considered: a new international court system of a greater scope than the ICC and with a different authority and topical focus.

    It is essential that a qualified judiciary with multi-disciplined expert lawyers(including demonstrated competences in the necessary physical sciences:since the international financial markets, commerce chains/networks, communications systems have reached an unprecedented rate of change in the sheer physical nature of their components) be the norm.The reach must be global. The topic could be everything mediated through the internet, to begin.

    This is not the work of a single day. Yet, given your comments concerning Moore’s Law and my ow awareness of developments within biorobotics and neuroengineering we do not have the luxury of decades. If anyone is aware of the foundational importance of functional rule of law for successful and potentially peaceful yet disruptive change it should be you and your co-author.

    The alternative is a legal stagnation, private decision making by people with perhaps ancient disputes, rigid perspectives and tired agendas who do not fully comprehend the scope of the changes facing us all. The consequences of the absence of this system could rival the hardships humanity faced at any time in human history as the powers we are close to realizing are difficult to comprehend. This does not make them any less real. In history, when brute force ruled the outcomes have never been without breathtaking human suffering and long term largely unsuccessful results, even for the victors.

    Rule of Law, decisions made by those with the ability to enforce them using words and perhaps the force of restraint, and public diplomatic agreements have produced the best humankind has yet achieved.

    I hope, within your very busy life you do make time to consider this and I look hopefully forward to a reply.

  • Samir Saikali

    Dear Mr. McAfee,

    I just listened to your talk entitled “Are Droids Taking Our Jobs,” in which you conclude: “The point is that then we are freed up to do other things, and what we’re going to do I am very confident, what we’re going to do is reduce poverty and drudgery and misery around the world. I’m very confident we’re going to learn live more lightly on the planet, and I am extremely confident that what we’re going to do with our new digital tools is going to be so profound and so beneficial….”

    And I am wondering where you get this confidence (even extreme confidence) about doing all these great things. Is the fact that we have not done them yet due to our being too busy, and we just needed to be “freed up”? Where will “the motivation” to reduce poverty and drudgery and misery come from? What will motivate us then to live more lightly on the planet? What will push us to use the new digital tools in beneficial ways? And beneficial for whom?

    I’m afraid that just like the industrial revolution, this artificial intelligence revolution will not result in a utopian future, and that your digital optimism is unfounded, mainly because we have moved away from guidance and wisdom (and morality) as we develop these new tools, and what motivates us today is power, control, and greed.

    As these smart tools are developed (and billions of dollars are invested to do so), I see the emergence of yet a new market where a few people/corporations (or a few countries) are going to get even richer, where there is going to be cut-throat competition (and a lot more spying and digital related crime), and where consumers are going to become even more dependent on the little that trickles down to them in watered-down (no pun intended) consumer products that they “must” have.

    Abandoning guidance and wisdom in what we do and what we invent today is like abandoning grammar in what we write! How beneficial or meaningful can that be?

  • Jeff Miller

    I completely agree with Mr. Saikali’s point. What makes the digital revolution any different from the industrial revolution in its promise to erase poverty and misery in the world? To be human is to be rife with conflict and contradiction, to be both beautiful and ugly, intelligent and stupid, selfish and selfless, powerful and powerless. The tools we use to turn nature into culture make manifest our conflicting fears and desires in whatever new forms of culture the tools hammer out. The pace and quantity of those forms may change, but the basic underlying qualities and proportions of pain and suffering, art and beauty never change much. Mr. McAfee, your optimism is hubristic and fearfully blind to the conflicted history and potential of humanity.

  • Anonymous

    Just watched you on Cspan and was sufficiently disappointed in your lack of consistency to post here though I know you won’t likely see this. In the beginning of your bloviating you stated that ‘low skilled’ jobs that could not be done using technology were ‘safe’. You also stated the majority of Americans do not have 4 years of college which, it follows, renders them appropriate to fill these jobs. OK. Agreed. But then you literally blurt out later, that immigration benefits ‘all’ as an absolute, end of story. This is highly disputable. Limiting the supply of labor for this necessary low skilled work by limiting low skilled, low education immigrants would raise the wages of this type of job; restaurant, massage, hairdressers, gardeners, retail, etc, unexportable and technologically irreplaceable jobs, according to you, creating a new ‘middle class’ perhaps even one that would eliminate most of the need for a welfare state. Its admirable to want to improve out education outcomes eventually but like your prediction that the future holds even more job killing technology, but not in the next decade or so, the same is true for suddenly increasing the education levels, especially since a significant number of them are the children of those same undereducated, even illiterate low skilled immigrants. Get out of your cloud and come into the real world the rest of us live in. You might learn something important.

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    Andrew McAlfee gave an impressive talk on BookTV this evening. He seems to think education is very important for future citizens.

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    This disaster prevents education reform, especially for poor minority kids. Adams asked me to write an amazon review for her book, which is at:

    The blob is quashing this message, so if the schools won’t teach kids handwriting (which ensures academic success if learned before kindergarten), then parents or neighbors must do the teaching.

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